Christ is the foundation

Christ is the foundation of the ministry. All staff and volunteers endeavor to model Christ in every aspect of the ministry.

Mentoring Program

We also have a mentoring program that benefits both the mentored and the mentor.

Post Abortion Restoration

For anyone male or female that has gone through abortion and is now dealing with shame or regret. See

Peer Counseling

Our clients get on one counseling from people who really care.

Pregnancy Tests

We provide on-site pregnancy tests to help our clients know for sure.

Community Referrals

We can refer to other agencies in the community for additional help.

Abstinence Education

Abstinence is more than avoiding pregnancy. It is about developing healthy relationships.

Maternity/Infant Supplies

We have maternity and infant supplies for new mothers. This includes maternity and infant clothing as well as diapers.

Parenting Classes

Earn while you learn. New parents earn script by attending classes. The script can be used to purchase infant and maternity supplies.